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 Last date to file Income Tax Return 2018

Dear Hon. AARCO members, The last date to file Income Tax Return has been extended till August 31, 2018. Kindly fill your ITR correctly and within last date. Plz, do not forget to fill form 10E to avail IT relief u/s 89(1) PRIS arrears paid after implementation of 7th CPC &   Two increment arrears paid for SO/D & above. Many Hon. Members may get returns in IT paid for previous years.

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The applicants are retired Scientists and they have filed this application on behalf of retired Scientists of SO/H+ grade, who retired on or after July 2010 except for applicants no.1, 3, 7 and 9 who retired prior to August 2010 i.e. in June 2008, May 2010, April 2009 and May 2010. It is stated by the applicants that SO/H+ is a distinct grade which has its existence in Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) only (this grade is similar to Grade H existing in Department of Space (DOS) and Grade G in DRDO).


Programme Scheduled is as follows:

1. Recitation of Preamble of Constitution of India & Fundamental Duties 
2. Welcome address  
3. Presentation of Vice President Report (By Mr. M. Shanmugasundaram)
4. Presentation of Secretary Report (By Gyanendra Prasad)
5. Presentation of Treasurer Report  and Passing of the Audit Report (By Mr. S.K. Rajesh)                          
6. Presidential Address (By Mr. S. Suresh)      
7. Call for agenda from members (Coordinator)
8. Vote of Thanks