Reference is invited to NFC's I.D Note No. NFC/Admn(L)/OAs/Advance increments/14/2015/29 dated 24.02.2015 on the captioned subject.

2. The Competent Authority in the Department has advised NFC to take immediate necessary action on the following:

(a) To send an interim reply to all the Applicants enlightening them about the position as requested by NFC in the proposal.

(b) To seek extension of time from Hon'ble CAT to implement the orders by filing a suitable affidavit in respective O.As.

(c) It may also be clarified why NFC has not sought extension before the time limit expires. It is noted by the competent authority that the case is referred to DAE vide reference dated 24.02.15 i.e. four days in advance of the expiry of
time limit.