The directions of Hon'ble Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad bench in the above OA have been received in this office on 02/12/2014. The orders have been forwarded to DAB, Mumbai for deciding implementation.

As directed by DAE action is on hand to workout fixation of pay, calculation of arrears and revision of pension etc. As you are aware that this is voluminous process and is likely to take some more time.


Programme Scheduled is as follows:

1. Recitation of Preamble of Constitution of India & Fundamental Duties 
2. Welcome address  
3. Presentation of Vice President Report (By Mr. M. Shanmugasundaram)
4. Presentation of Secretary Report (By Gyanendra Prasad)
5. Presentation of Treasurer Report  and Passing of the Audit Report (By Mr. S.K. Rajesh)                          
6. Presidential Address (By Mr. S. Suresh)      
7. Call for agenda from members (Coordinator)
8. Vote of Thanks